Brenda is a Financial Therapist and Money Coach. She is passionate about creating innovative ways to teach both Financial and Emotional Literacy so people can experience Peace, Joy and Confidence with money. As the founder of REWIRE, she has developed numerous programs to help beginning money explorers just starting out, average to high networth individuals living paycheck to paycheck, and people who are emotionally challenged around money, transform their relationship to money and step into true stewardship.

She works with women entrepreneurs and social enterprising organizations that are ready to elevate their money consciousness and rewire their wealth.

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All programs in the REWIRE YOUR LIFE Series allow you to deepen your relationship with money on numerous levels. We use deep hypnotherapy practises, powerful financial literacy and an interactive community to support your growth. The depth that we can reach as we rewire our wealth to support and nurture the planet, our communities and ourselves is endless. Let’s begin the journey together. You don’t have to do this alone.Free Access:
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A free offering that will give you access to the first two Money Archetypes. We will explore the Money Archetypes that define how we relate with money. If participants want to continue with the rest of the Challenge the investment will be $97. This amount can be applied to the next program Rewire Your Foundation. 
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