Charla is a licensed clinical Esthetician and has specialized in the art of aging gracefully with effective skin care techniques and products and understands nutrition as related to skin, aging and wellness overall.
Her skin care, makeup and hair techniques are simple and easy to understand. Her clients feel like she’s been a friend to them for life and the way she communicates with them leaves them feeling like they just spent the day with one of their besties!
Charla is also a Usui Reiki Ryoho Practitioner 1 & 2. Her passion to help women heal and balance themselves on an energetic level is paramount. She can perform distance Reiki treatments that help ease and heal, anxiety, depression, diseases, boost memory, banish worries, feelings of worthlessness and so many other afflictions.
Get ready for a mind-bending interview on beauty — one that you’ll surely love and agree with once you hear how all the pieces fit together!

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A note from Charla: I’ll help you to purge what doesn’t serve you to look and feel your best. I take you step by step to recreate your skin care, makeup and hair care so you can look sexy, beautiful and feel powerful in one 1 hour session!
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